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There’s an old saying in basketball that teams are made in the winter and spring, but players are made in the Summer.  It's 2016 and right now, basketball players all over Houston, TX, and across the country are making plans to spend their summers working on their games. Some will spend summer 2016 in a local Houston TX gym, others in the driveway or the park, and some may attend a basketball camp or two. But with a limited time to work on their game over the few summer camp months, and hundreds of options to choose from, how does a player find the best Houston TX area summer basketball camp for their own personal development? Here are a few reasons that will help you choose the Shoot 2 Score Hoops summer camp as the best Houston area basketball camp this summer: The camp hours are from 830 am to 4:30 pm.


1. Local vs. Brand Name : Most local colleges and universities have their own summer basketball camps, but don’t think they’re the only game in town. The best summer basketball camp for you may be a brand name basketball camp that happens to be running a session in your neck of the woods. The Shoot 2 Score Hoops camp will have sessions run by local high school coaches, and professional basketball players who have played all over the world. The best summer basketball camp for you may be IN your backyard, but not FROM your backyard!

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2. Player Exposure vs. Player Development : Players go to different basketball camps for different reasons, so finding the best summer basketball camp for you largely depends on what you’re looking for. Some camps like Five Star and ABCD tend to attract players looking to get noticed by college coaches and AAU teams, and therefore have more games being played throughout the day. At the Shoot 2 Score Hoops camp, players will be offered significant instruction beyond the hardwood, as well the opportunity to be seen by AAU and high school coaches. This will be the best summer basketball camp for you whether you’re looking to get better, faster, and/or to get noticed faster.


3. On Court vs. Off Court Development : At the Shoot 2 score Hoops summer basketball camp in Houston, TX, you won’t spend all you’re time on the court doing drills and playing games. We will offer video analysis, leadership training, and breaking down basketball related concepts in the classroom setting to develop a player’s mind and leadership abilities off the court. With so much of the game being mental, it’s important to consider the value of spending time learning how to think the game and not just how to play.


4. Relationship Building : Some of the best parts about basketball camp are not the time you spend on the court, but the time you spend making relationships that will last a lifetime. You will interact with NBA and Overseas professional basketball players everyday of camp. They will get to know you, help you with your game, and try to make an impact on your future. Many times after camp kids will remember their camp counselors and follow them during the season and vice versa. Counselors often keep up with kids from the camp and stay in touch throughout the season.


As you plan for another summer on the hardwood, think hard about your options for how you’re going to spend your time. If attending the best summer basketball camp in Houston, TX is part of your skill development approach, make sure you take a few of these thoughts into consideration so you can get the best experience possible this summer by attending the Shoot2Score Hoops Summer basketball Camp!


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