Summer Break Camp

Summer Break Camp Now Available!

There used to be an old saying in basketball that teams were made in the winter and spring, but NOW players are made year round. It's 2019 and right now, basketball players all over Houston, TX, and across the country are making plans to spend their time working on their games. Some will spend winter in a local Houston TX gym, others in the driveway or the park, and some may attend a basketball camp or two. But with a limited time to work on their game over the few summer camp months, and hundreds of options to choose from, how does a player find the best Houston TX area summer basketball camp for their own personal development? Here are a few reasons that will help you choose the Shoot 2 Score Hoops winter camp as the best Houston area basketball camp this break:


  • Each camp counselor is a professional basketball player

  • Improving life skills will be taught as well improving basketball skills

  • Education is stressed and daily discussions are had about its importance

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